Jolly good Christmas tips for your next event

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Relax and enjoy your own party after reading these simple Christmas tips.

Dream of the perfect party Send out invites in advance and gather together the perfect guest list. Add last years Christmas photos for a more exciting build up to the event.

Pick a delicious menu Whether you are sourcing catering or putting on the apron yourself, choose wisely and cater for all attendees. Opt for heavy finger foods and be mindful to those who have food allergies.

Decide on beverages Choose beer over wine. And work out how much you need and where you are going to get it from. Include water and soft drink for those who are not drinking.

Santa on segway Include an interactive singing show. There are many performers and acts out there to choose from such as a musical rudolf, Christmas rappers, fat elves, or the option to share your Christmas event with Dame Edna.

Budget Although Christmas is the time to spend your yearly savings, be wary of your expenses and devise a budget that will leave you money for New Years.

Fill the house full of decorations Make it pretty and set the mood! Organize a stand out Christmas tree with festive ornaments and fairy lights. Furthermore, light the wood fire and heat things up.

Make space for a cloak room Take guests belongings and store them safely and out of the way.

Rope off the out of bounds areas Save yourself the repair fees and avoid guests from entering into places they are not welcome. Damages to the venue is one way to ruin the night.

Plan your outfit ahead of time The day of the event can be hectic. Ensure you have your outfit planned and ready to go for the quick minute you have to get ready.

Hire an expert to manage the party All of a sudden you have two hundred attendees, received no contact from the caterer and you just aren’t coping with the stress. Call in a expert. The event planner has reliable contacts in the industry and is a wizard at planning events in a short space of time.

Get some media attention Create a Facebook group and get people to read all about it. Post in the month, week and day of the event! Pump guests up for the event of the year.