9 ways to plan a casino event your corporate clients will love

Casin themed events

Planning a corporate event with a twist? Why not take your clients, work colleagues and VIP guests to an interactive games night. Casino themed events are fast paced excitement and buckets of fun! They get the team involved, they bring atmosphere and they literally bring money to the table. Deliver your memorable and unique casino night event by reading through Instincts expert advice.

1. What are the best games to have? Deciding what games to include is 100% up to you and should suit the type of event and the numbers of guests. Is your event a sit down product launch or cocktail business proposition? As an overall guide is best to offer at least three to four different gaming options. This will give your guests a variety of activities to take part in and keep the whole room entertained (including the dummies). The list of games is endless from Black Jack, Russian Roulette to Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and many more.

2. Do I hire or buy the equipment? Unless you are repurposing the equipment for another event, it is not necessary to purchase the equipment. Not only can purchasing the products get expensive but entertainment agencies can offer you a competitive deal.

3. Are real dealers required? By hiring real dealers you are taking your event to the next level. There will be no controversy or cheating. Everyone has a fair chance and it keeps the fun of “betting” alive.

4. What drink packages are appropriate? This really depends on the type of event and the target market of your guest list. Distinguish between if they are the beer or cocktail type? Or the mocktail type? Then work the beverage package around those details. Have you considered a self serve bar?

5. What is a suitable venue? Sourcing a suitable venue will have all of these qualities – convenient location, available parking, in-house AV and in-house catering with the option of outhouse. Above all, the venue will uphold exceptional customer service and raving testimonials.

6. How much will it cost? To plan a casino night in style you need to prioritise your expenses. Top of the list is your venue. Second on the list is games. Third and forth most important is food and beverage. To book a venue and receive a good deal, it is best to go through someone in the industry. The benefit of using an event planner is they already have a relationship with the venue, making it cheaper and giving you flexibility on the terms and conditions. It is best to keep your options open when sourcing gaming options. Shop around online and get the best quote you can. Even ask your event planner for the contact number of a well known ‘value for money’ entertainment agent. Research what expenses are involved through both in-house catering and outsourced suppliers. Quick tip: if the event is a sit down dinner, do not feel the pressure to provide canapés and four different dessert options. Finally put in place a strong budget plan and stick to it!

7. How do I keep the corporate feel? Although adding a casino theme to your conference or corporate event can be exciting and different, it is important to keep the event professional. Do this by keeping all your formalities in place. Print event schedules, welcome guests as they enter the building and thank them as they exit. Furthermore include a dress code on the invitation.

8. Do I need further entertainment? MC or music? Without music, the room will be silent and stale. Without an MC the event be unstructured and vague. Both of these elements are critical. Rather than ending up on stage yourself or engaging a nervous college, a professional MC helps keep time and keeps your audience engaged and attentive. Depending on the size of your event, consider a solo artist, duo, cover band or DJ and get them to tailor their music to the theme. Having the experience of live performers will ensure the music is not too loud, not too quiet and is not at all repetitive (unless of course, it’s requested).

9. Give them something to take home? Providing guests with a ‘goodie bag’ is not a necessity. It is however, a nice memorabilia and treat to send your guests home with. If you are running low on funds, consider something small such as a deck of cards printed with your company logo or a personalized chocolate swirl with your guests name on it.