Why hiring an entertainment agent is critical for your corporate event

When hiring an entertainment agent you get quality customer service and reliability, years of knowledge and experience plus access to exceptional performers, comedians and MCs. The list goes on… Here are our top list of what we offer to each and every client:

Every entertainment agent offers hot customer service. The team at instinct pride themselves on delivering the highest level of customer service. With a 24 hour hotline, they are always available to answer any queries or solve any problems. along with the contract comes a good quality contact, who will help you through any concerns or “moments” that may arise.

Every entertainment agent offers pure knowledge. Entertainment agents are the experts in the industry with a combined 100 years of experience. Over the years they have established relationships with venue suppliers, audio visual and catering companies. This information is priceless to any corporate event.

Every entertainment agent offers outstanding communication. Do you fancy the running sheet changing 2 weeks before the event, 3 days before the event and on event day? Do you even know what an running sheet is? Leave it to the professionals who excel in communication between you (the client), the performer/s and all else involved.

Every entertainment agent offers standout variety. Entertainment agents have an endless supply of performers. If you are looking for something unique like a digital caricaturist or Dame Edna impersonator, an entertainment agent knows just the guy or girl. If the particular performer you liked are unavailable, the team at Instinct will source someone just as exceptional for your event. Have you seen the laser light show, magicians and comedians we have available?

Every entertainment agent offers supernatural skills agents have a eye for precision. They instantly know the difference between a fairly good band to a “goose bumps throughout the room” band. Put trust in your entertainment agent and allow them to do what they do best!

Every entertainment can anticipate problems before they arise. Avoid awkward stage performances, disorganised performers and audiovisual dilemmas by having Instinct’s team take the reins from the beginning. Allow them to implement the process the way things are supposed to be coordinated. Rely on their “supernatural vision” and the event will come together as smooth as butter.

Every entertainment agents is great value for money. We have been in operation for over 18 year, allowing our team to know thew correct value of all types of entertainment, ensuring you get “value for money” Remember time is money. Do not waste your time leaving countless voice messages to careless performers you found on the internet. We are here to help! We pride themselves on loyalty. The team certainly won’t provide a performer who will flunk out on you last minute. in fact, we won’t provide an average performer at all. What they will provide you with is a big smile and obligation free quote for your next event. Book now and make it one to remember. Remember, our name is one the website, but our reputation is on the dance floor!