9 Unforgettable Awards Night tips

1. Be prepared Plan, plan and plan. You want no surprises.

2. Entertain the crowd Book a captivating cover band or MC. Tailor them to your event by asking for a personalised song list!

3. Communication Keep it simple. When liaising with clients, guests or suppliers use the 7 C’s of communication. Be clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete and courteous.

4. Ask for help Don’t be afraid, its better to confirm and do it the right the first time.

5. Create the atmosphere Smiling is contagious. Remember to relax and have fun.

6. Know the T’s and C’s Don’t get stuck with a fine or complaint. Avoid complications and know what is permitted.

7. Stay on schedule Wear a watch! A flat phone battery is no excuse.

8. Budget Use it wisely. Don’t splurge. And keep to your initial allowance.

9. Trust your suppliers Have faith in your colleagues. After all, they are the experts with the experience.