Chris Lake

Chris Lake is a New Zealand born Pop/Groove/Soul/Blues artist & self taught musician. His guitar is never far from his side, he lives and breathes music. Whether he is performing original songs or covering another artists, he brings original style that comes from both a serious skill level coupled with a deep feeling for a song.

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A Bit About Chris

Chris Lake never has his guitar far from his side, he lives and breathes music and brings his original style every cover he sings.

Born in New Zealand Chris is a self taught musician singing and playing Pop, Groove, Soul and Blues.  Influenced by bands such as “Led zeppelin”, “Pink Floyd”, “The Doors”, “Prince”, “Michael Jackson” and “John Cougar Mellencamp.

Chris’s musical passion has continues grow as he establishes  himself as a solo artist with many genres on offer to his audiences.

Chris is driven by the feelings in life and incorporates these emotions into his compositional arrangements. His instincts come from years of playing. He loves nothing more than to bring this energy & ambiance to his audiences.


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