The little black book of corporate planning

Planning a corporate event is not all fun and games. In fact, it can be time consuming, stressful and extremely demanding. Corporate events are put together for a number of reasons. This can be for an annual awards celebration, product launch or simply a industry networking night.

The key factor for all successful corporate events is they are all professional.
Plan it right by following Instinct’s black book of corporate planning.

You can never be too organised
Take time to put together a plan. Create lists and update them frequently. Constantly find ways to further understand your clients, (internal or external) the venue and supplier requirements. Read the finer details and lower the risk of something going horribly wrong.

Book stand out decor and theming
Corporate events have been known to be bland and stale when it comes to theming. Generally because it is last on the budget. Stand out from the crowd, set aside some funds and bedazzle everyone with unforgettable theming. Beautiful decor gives the corporate event an “exclusive” and “expensive” feel.

Remember first impressions are lasting impressions!

Use common sense and take action
Take a deep breath and when something doesn’t fall into place as planned, it’s probably for a reason. Rather than making a rash decision, think rationally and go back to basics.

If a band member was scheduled for a 6:00pm briefing but is still caught in traffic at 6:21pm, chat through the minor briefing details over the phone. When they finally do arrive go through the important details such as the emergency exits.

Book excellent entertainment
Looking for a relaxed atmosphere? Book a duo or trio or live cover band. Cover bands have the ability to play easy listening music and can supply you with a list of background music between sets.

If you want a more upbeat atmosphere then book in a DJ. DJs aren’t just for the young ones. They have a large list of music to mix together and can cater specifically to the corporate event and guest list. For example a 1930s speak easy theme or black tie top 40 party.

If throughout different stages of the corporate event you require both relaxed and upbeat tempo. Why not book a DJ with a live musician? This combination sets the mood, giving off the live show feeling with the ability to take things to the next “dancing” level.

Above all entertainment, your MC is hands down the most important entertainer of corporate events. By hiring an excellent MC you ensure:
1. The audience is engaged and interactive
2. The event runs on time
3. The formalities actually get done, in style!
These elements are critical to a successful corporate event and it all becomes possible with the help of a excellent MC.

The corporate event industry is a tight knit society who rely heavily on “preferred suppliers” and word of mouth. Have you booked an event through Instinct Events and Entertainment? Did we do a great job? Please let us know by sending through a testimonial or post on our Facebook. We would love to hear your feedback!

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