DJ’s & DJ Combos Brisbane

Here you can find the perfect corporate function DJ or you can find Dj Band Combos, that take electronic dance music and mix it with live musicians, such as vocalists, sax, percussion.

This encapsulates what music does best. Make people dance!

Add a Dj or Dj with live muso’s to your event

Corporate Entertainment’s selections of Dj’s and Hybrid Dj combo acts feature some of Melbourne’s & Sydney’s most talented and experienced musicians and DJ’s

This allows you to traverse the full spectrum of sounds from chill lounge to cruising jazz, to a fully ignited dance floor including uptempo house and breaks, to down tempo funk and soul and mash-ups!

The Djs and Dj Combos bands listed on the following pages are well suited for corporate events or private functions and are some of the best currently performing in Australia.

Browse our listings to find the perfect Dj or Dj combo for your corporate event, function private party or venue. It really couldn’t be easier.

Concierge service.

Tell us a little more about your event here, and let us do the hard work for you, or Call 1300 881 611

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