Savannah Club

Savannah club a modern day super suave Jazz band mixed with dance floor hits.

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A Bit About Savannah Club

Savannah Club is a very versatile Melbourne Wedding and Corporate Party Jazz Band.   They are a modern day super suave Jazz band with soulful vocals and  DJ to enhance the beat through live remixing.

Savannah Club has Melbourne’s best vocalists, musicians & DJ  playing super cool Jazz mixed with dance floor hits.

Savannah Club can play sophisticated cocktail-Jazz to contemporary hits including classic party to the more recent super hits of Pharrell Williams and Jessie J.

Their vibe is fun and stylish, the song changes seamless, groovy and cool with tempos that make sure everyone is on the dance-floor.

Savannah Club is an original act that combines the best element of a classic Jazz Band and the modern vibe of a DJ, making them a perfect choice for those looking for that extra special touch to thier event.


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